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Spy Hunter
Your assignment is to eliminate all terrorists and enemy spies you encounter. At your disposal is an ultra-sleek car with looks that kill.literally. Forget about the speed limit as you use machine guns, oil slicks, smoke screens, and missiles to save the world.
In the future, brave knights will climb onto their birds of prey and compete for the ultimate goal - their lives! Fly around the arena collecting eggs and knocking your opponents out of the sky with your trusty lance.
Whether you're playing this arcade classic again - or for the first time - get ready because the fate of the world is in your hands.
Root Beer Tapper
Pour frosty mugs of Root Beer and fling them to your customers - you'll need quick reflexes to keep all the customers happy. Perfect your skills as you serve it up for everyone from cowboys to aliens!

Bubbles Satan's Hollow
Robotron Sinistar
Defender 2 Rampage

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